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General Affairs

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  • Last updated:2021-05-10
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Provisions and supplies

Each inmate is allocated NT 2,000 monthly for the expense of his or her nutritional regime, according to lawful regulations. The quantity of food is checked by both accounting officers and inmate representatives who also work to improve inmates’ diet. Every six months we invite bids for contracts in vegetables, fish and meat.


ach working inmate in the kitchen will have to pass a medical examination for hepatitis B before being assigned. While working, each inmate is asked to wear a standardized uniform, cap, and mask, and personal sanitation is strictly enforced. All cooking equipment is made of stainless steel, and is cleaned and sanitized every day. The Sections of General Affairs and Hygiene and Health inspect the kitchen and work with Civil Service Ethnics officers every month to assure a good quality diet.

Establish a meal improvement sub-division

In order to maintain and improve the inmates’ diet, a meal improvement sub-division has been established and is composed of the Secretary, the Director of General Affairs, the Director of Security, the Director of Accounting, the miscellaneous affairs officer, and an inmate representative. Uniforms are distributed to each inmate according to the season, and working uniforms will be provided as necessary.

Offer important services for the general public

  1. Application for more bus stops and modification of the neighboring infrastructure to help relieve some inconvenience when guests visit this prison.
  2. Install interviewing phone sets and also pay phone sets.
  3. Install a mailbox, and an ATM machine.
  4. Mount three television sets for guests, and provide assistance to disabled guests.
  5. Increase facilities for the disabled and plan more parking lots for guests.
  6. If an emergency occurs, inmates can apply for a phone interview at any time.

Community involvement

  1. Maintaining the safety of the surrounding area by using prison security sources, and providing ambulance service when an urgent medical situation happens.
  2. Provide a community sanitation team by the inmates, and offer cleansing service to neighboring communities on monthly and other time schedules. Over the years, we have been highly praised by adjacent communities for this service.
  3. Assigning a fixed team of inmates to help load up trash for Chu-tien local government office, making it more expeditious and efficient.
  4. Permit the exercise courts (basketball, volleyball, and tennis) to be used for neighborhood recreation.
  5. Regularly invite press groups, local organizations, experts and family guests to visit or participate in the activities held in the prison, hoping to dispel any misdoubts and misunderstandings.
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